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Reviews of our guests

We have collected some thoughts that our guests have left as testimony of their stay at the eco-sustainable Maison d'Elite residence.

N° 1
"I am pleasantly impressed !! it's an emotional sensation that touched me deeply. I didn't think there were places and people of this weight and so sensitive able to transmit peace and the desire to share with others. I hope this way of life can truly reach the greatest number of people. I was struck by the fact that in a world "that is on the brink" there are situations like these ... keep on working for this !!"
Alfredo - 07 june 2017

N° 2
"The beauty of the place and the comfortable environments made our short stay pleasant. Thanks to the welcome and friendliness of Mrs. Concetta we felt at home. We hope to return soon."
Angelo, Maria Maddalena e Simona – 18 april 2017

N° 3
"Thanks for the availability and hospitality that I found from the first day. For 18 years now I have been traveling for work and I can guarantee that it is rare to find what you want in a single environment! Here it was possible! Thanks to the added value that only a person like you Luigi is able to give. With love"
Fabio – 30 march 2017

N° 4
"I crashed here. Business trip, booking made by someone else at the last minute. The first impact made me realize that I had too many "edges" for this place! It took two days and Luigi's personality to round these "corners". However, I was unable to live the experience serenely. Certain things, you have to choose them and be informed. On my return I will live the experience with a different perspective."
Alfred – September 2016

N° 5
"Listening to her talk about her project, her innovative and original ideas has opened up a world to us. it's nice to see that there are people capable of REALIZING their own ideas and aspirations, going beyond what is there and creating what will be. why it will be! today 02 October 2015 we had the honor and pleasure of knowing a project that will shortly be something great, a winning one and for this we can do nothing but thank you and wish you all the success it deserves and that will come. I know that we will still hear about her and when it happens I will be happy to remember having expressed all my esteem on her precious golden book! Good luck!"
Arianna e Davide da Napoli – 02 october 2015

N° 6
"My name is Maurizio and I believe I can define myself without any doubt a "distracted traveler". Distracted in realizing everything that is around me in my travels, if not what particularly interested me to push me to move. I have visited many places in my life, I have stayed in motels, in guest houses, in luxury hotels, I have slept in tents, in campers and sometimes even in the car. All these places have left me with sometimes pleasant memories, others to forget ..... but never in my life had I ever been a guest at a structure that had its own soul, a living structure, something that had its own because ... MAISON D'ELITE is this, it is a place that tells you through the words of Luigi Filocca the images of a vision, which being such you can not only understand on the basis of a project, which however crazy it may seem is of as necessary as wonderfully intriguing. I personally lived this place, I breathed its essence and left nostalgically satisfied and "distracted traveler" almost without remembering what reason had pushed me to move. Fantastic!"
Maurizio Russo – 18 september 2015

N° 7
"Dear architect Filocca, we thank you for your kind hospitality in this beautiful maison. In particular, we thank the very kind Mrs. Concetta who welcomed us "out of hours" on Friday morning "under the flood" immediately making us enter the house with our little Pietro: it seemed to us Noah's ark. with regard"
Laura, Elena e Pietro – 10 november 2019

N° 8
"Eve of our departure, speak with the architect mr. Luigi sent us many beautiful things. we value him for what he has created, for the welcome, for the comforts and for his thoughts on the future. From Sicily"
Famiglia Grazia – 09 june 2019

N° 9
"Sincere thanks for welcoming us to this quiet and pleasant place, appreciating the visible and remarkable efforts to achieve a concept that perfectly marries respect for the environment and the satisfaction of the tenants' needs. We say goodbye, hoping to be able to return soon"
Gabriele e famiglia – 25 february 2019

N° 10
"The Maison d'Elite is the result of commitment, sacrifice and innovation. excellent welcome and tranquility reigns supreme in this wonderful place. Too bad we only spent one night! Surely if there is an opportunity we will return. Thanks Luigi"
Valentina e Alessandro – 23 december 2018

N° 11
"Thank you for the welcome and availability found in the stay at the maison. I stayed finding myself beautifully pampered by the staff and the excellent reception of the architect. Filocca. I especially thank Concetta always ready and available to requests. Thanks again"
Adrian – 01 december 2017

N° 12
"Thank you for the welcome and availability found in the stay at the maison. I stayed finding myself beautifully pampered by the staff and the excellent reception of the architect. Filocca. I especially thank Concetta always ready and available to requests. Thanks again"
Erica – 19 january 2019

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The greenery, the tranquility, the large room and the comfortable mattress! Underground parking is also very important.
Personal facility location cleanliness… All superb.
The exterior of the almost fairytale structure, the clean and welcoming interiors.
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Everything perfect: availability, location, bedroom, lounge and common areas.
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