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Architecture and sociology become contaminated to form groups of friends

The volume illustrates how in four simple steps it is possible to form a group interested in building a sustainable village.
The example of the Maison d'Elite demonstrates how much architecture combined with sociology makes the space in which we live more usable.

The approach to the topics covered in the chapters of the book facilitates the user in using the APP to get what you want.
The combination of the affinities of the groups that are formed will offer new opportunities for: sustainability, economic growth and the reduction of global pollution.

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The greenery, the tranquility, the large room and the comfortable mattress! Underground parking is also very important.
Personal facility location cleanliness… All superb.
The exterior of the almost fairytale structure, the clean and welcoming interiors.
Beautiful structure and excellent service great hospitality and availability.
Everything perfect: availability, location, bedroom, lounge and common areas.
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